Romanian treasure: Lake “Vida”

Away from quotidian agitation, city noise and agglomeration, there lays the Lake “Vida”,  located in Luncasprie, unique of its kind in Romania.

This  embankment dam of 10 m, with crest length of 70 meters, managed to accumulate a volume of 0,4 billion cubic meters of water. To evacuate the maximum flow of water, the dam spillway was provided with a funnel, which represents the charm and curiosity of this lake. (source:

We had the chance to visit this treasure on a misty day, hence the misty and “fading forest” photos.

This lake was entirely forzen a week before we arrived, so now it looked a bit “non-transparent” and more mysterious than usual.


The following “Cabin in the woods” 😀 was placed somewhere near the lake.dsc_4616

On our way home, we made a  stop at a little traditional church in the area.dsc_4623dsc_4642dsc_4664

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