Rusty Precipice (Groapa Ruginoasă)

Another Romanian treasure that hides within the Apuseni mountains represents an attraction for tourists and mountain lovers.

This huge ravine with rusty ruptures was formed by rain erosion, wich was extremely active of quartzite, sandstone and red clay.It is a great living wound, that activates in the present too, increasing the size of the pit.(source:


It has a width of approx. 600m with a depth of 100m. Its inclined walls and sharp edges are converging toward the center of the pit. The wite walls seen in the distance are the Yellow Stones (Pietrele Galbenei).


We traveled there on a sunny saturday wintery day, and had the priviledge of visiting it with dusty formed lines of snow. It looked spectacular in the photos I searched via web, but in reality it looks breathtaking and astonishing.


The road there was not very easy (at least for people like me, who doesn’t climb that much): we had to climb for a total of approx. of 40 min., but I think the hardest part was the snowdrift we encountered while clibing, and sometimes the icy arched path. But I think with proper footwear it won’t be that much struggle.


But I have to admit, even with the snowdrifts and all the trees that surrounded us and made the temperature cooler for climbing,  despite the sunny and a bit warmy day, the climbing road looked like a fairytale story.

After the climb was finished, before we could go and see the ravine, we passed through a forest glade, perfect to see it, in its splendor, with a snowy  stratum.


We also visited the Vârtop Saddle, a good mountain path for skiing and snowboarding.



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