Castle & Mist

Right in the heart of Romania, more precisely in Transylvania, a mountainous region, there is a castle combining various styles.

The Peleş Castle is an imperial splendor,  that was built at the initiative of the first King of Romania, Carol I, in 1874. The purpose of its construction was to serve as a summer residence for the King. This mansion was vested with cultural, political and symbolic functions. (source:


Unfortunately, the tax for taking photos inside was too high in my opinion, so I only captured the beauty of this castle from the outside.

Here are some pictures with the garden that extends in the front of this manor.


This castle may be considered the most important historical edifice in Romania, by its unique character, historical and artistic value, and one of the most important monuments of its kind in Europe’s second half of the nineteenth century.

Besides romanian motives and styles found inside the walls of this castle, one thing that makes it so special is that it has so many different european styles, each room belonging to either Turkish style, or Spanish interior design, French mirrored hallway, Vienesse music rooms and much more.

Right next to Peleş, about 100 or 200 meters down the alley, there lays Pelişor, a small “replica” of the grand sized castle, built to serve as residence for the heirs Ferdinand and Maria.DSC_5795


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