Deep in the heat of Egypt

Egypt, or officially named “The Arab Republic of Egypt”, has one of the world’s longest histories, also being the most populous country in North Africa and in the Arab world, with over 92 million inhabitants.

Of course, when we think about Egypt, most of the time we think about their ancient history, with pharaohs and their tombs, writings on the wall or so-called hieroglyphs, pyramids,  mummies, and the most notorious king, Tutankhamon.

Truthfully, yes, this is what represents Egypt, and what made it so famous. But nowadays, everything changed, and all the Gods and Goddesses they used to kneel and bow to, no longer have any followers, due to their inhabitants from Arabian countries, that belong to other religions.

So all its history and valuable things such as tombs, and pyramids, and hieroglyphs are now just museums to visit for curious people(like me) who just want to see what this country once was and what made it so extravagant.

First thing first, we were accommodated at a luxurious hotel in Hurghada (first 5* hotel in my life), which had an opening to the sea, pools and a very nice view from the room window.


Everything was nice about this hotel. The staff, we had all inclusive food and beverages, the pools, the rooms, the views. The kind of place that I would happily like to visit again.

Moving on to the exploration part, the first trip was to Safari Sahara, where we had the chance to ride the ATV and a little-car-type-thingy(whose name I can’t remember), and then we visited the bedouins’ territory.

The Bedouin is a group of nomadic people which inhabited part of North Africa, in this case, Egypt too, the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, and Levant.

They are traditionally divided into tribes, or clans (known in Arabic as ʿašāʾirعَشَائِر), and share a common culture of herding camels and goats.


The next day we went for something a bit more relaxing. Nearby Hurghada, at almost 30-40 mins from the hotel, there was the Sharm El Naga bay, with an amazing beach, and a camel waiting to be ridden. I cannot describe in words how amazing that day was. Went swimming and snorkeling, to see a little part of fish and corals of the Red Sea. These images are just a raw attempt to show the beauty that hides beneath the waves of this sea.(mobile phone photos)



Couldn’t capture too well the fishes and all, so this is a link with photos that show how really stunning this reif is. Images with corals.

Next trip was Luxor. Here we visited the Valley of the Kings (unfortunately they didn’t let us take photos there), where we saw the mummy of Tutankhamon, and other tombs of other famous ancient kings.

Next in Luxor, was the Temple of Hatshepsut, an ancient funerary shrine. Many years, a part of this temple was covered in sand, due to a sand storm that occurred in the past, and was discovered only in the 19th or 20th century.DSC_7392DSC_7384DSC_7381

Lastly, after the Temple of “HotChickenSoup”, ( :)) a pun created by guides for tourists, to help us try and remember her name), we went on a little cruise with a boat over the Nile.


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